How to get rid of kidney stones by using tea

How to get rid of kidney stones by using tea


How to get rid of kidney stones by using tea of watermelon seeds

The summer season is going to start, in which watermelon is a favorite fruit of all. It has an increased quantity of water in it which is very useful to overcome the heat from. Its seeds are also very beneficial for the human body. The watermelon seeds have many advantages for the health. Here, is the method to get rid of kidney stones by using a tea with watermelon seeds.

Tea made of watermelon seeds to get rid of kidney stones

The watermelon seeds contain a compound called “Steroline” which is an excellent antioxidant.

  • It can remove the kidney stone.
  • It can control the high blood pressure.
  • It can treat mental stress.
  • The cancer of arteries and stomach can be cured by using watermelon seeds.
  • Its antioxidant properties are very much healthy for the body as they give energy and strength to your body.


  • Water, two liter
  • Watermelon seeds, four tbsp


  1. Firstly, take four tbsp of watermelon seeds
  2. Then, take a blender
  3. Now, add all the seeds into the blender
  4. Then, turn on the blender
  5. Now, blend it for few minutes
  6. Later, turn on the blender
  7. Then, take a pot
  8. Now, put this pot on the stove
  9. Then, add two liters of water in the pot
  10. Now, turn on the flame of the stove
  11. Then, wait until the water boiled
  12. Now, add powder of watermelon seeds into the boiled water
  13. Then, let it cook for fifteen minutes
  14. Finally, the tea is ready just let the drink cool for few minutes

How to use

Drink this tea four to six times in a day. Use this remedy for two days and then rest on the third day. On the fourth day again make this tea and drink it for next two days. You can feel the difference very soon.

You can get rid of kidney stones by drinking this tea.

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