Bye Bye Muslim Leag N .. Chaudhry Nisar Kia Karne Wale Hain ?

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday lashed out at the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) for allegedly punishing the residents of NA-4 – who voted his party to victory in the recent bye-poll – by depriving them of electricity supply.

“Shocking and condemnable behaviour by PMLN – after losing NA-4 bye-election, trying to remove transformers provided in that constituency during election campaign,” tweeted the PTI chairman.

He said that people had become wise and bribe would not work on them. He added that the move showed PML-N’s utter contempt for people’s welfare.

The interruption in the power supply had compelled the residents to finally take to the streets earlier this week, creating a law and order situation.

On Thursday, the irate residents marched towards the relevant grid station located near the Matani police station. They chanted slogans against the Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) as police took up positions to thwart any untoward situation.

A few years ago also, the Matani police station had been burnt by an angry mob.

Moreover, officials had also been deployed to keep the Indus Highway open.

PML-N’s Nasir Musazai had earlier told The Express Tribune. “Yes, it is true that we used to request Wapda to provide uninterrupted power supply to Koh-e-Daman [five union councils of provincial assembly constituency PK-10] and we thought that people had realised their mistake of voting for PTI in the 2013 general elections.”

After thumbing PML-N, NA-4 left ‘powerless’

He added that during their election campaign, they told the people that if elected, they would try and resolve their issues, including talking to departments of power and gas. But they had again elected a PTI candidate.

“The people should now ask the person they have elected [PTI’s Ayub] to resolve their issues as we no more enjoy any powers,” Musazai frankly told The Express Tribune, adding, “We cannot face them anymore [party leadership which once ordered uninterrupted power supply]

Adalat Ne Dr Shahid Masood Aur Tamam Media Houses Ko Notice Jari Kardiye

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – The Supreme Court has rejected journalist Shahid Masood’s claims about the culprit in Zainab murder case, Imran being part of a pornography ring operating within Pakistan with multiple bank accounts.

Hearing case regarding startling revelations made by Shahid Masood, 3-member bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar said that the time to apologize and retract claims has passed, although Dr. Shahid Masood should file written confession and apology for spreading misinformation for the court to reach a final decision.

When Shahid Masood asked to apologize and withdraw case, CJP said that this matter would not end with an apology as the applicant made the claims on national TV and asked the court to take notice, prescribing for himself the punishment of death if claims proven false.

Talking to Dr. Shahid Masood, CJP said that people present in the last hearing had advised him to apologize and take claims back. He said that the JIT report proved him false and now it was up to the court to determine the legal consequences of his actions.

The anchorperson had claimed during a late night show that Zainab s suspected rapist and murderer was a member of a pornography gang, which also includes a Punjab minister. During another hearing of the case, Masood had also told the court that the suspect has 37 foreign accounts.

The court ordered a copy of the JIT report to be provided to Dr. Shahid Masood and adjourned hearing till March 12.

Adalat Ne Dr Shahid Masood Aur Tamam Media Houses Ko Notice Jari Kardiye

Latest Update On Rao Anwar Case In Supreme Court

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s leader stands disqualified by the country’s Supreme Court after the Panama Leaks corruption probe. Moments after the verdict, Nawaz Sharif announced that he’s stepping down from the seat of the prime minister. What does the court judgment mean for Nawaz Sharif, the Sharif family and the PML-N? Our experts weigh in.

‘The party could disintegrate’
Zahid Hussain

Who will become the next prime minister?
One cannot be sure about it. It’s a very uncertain situation.

Is there anyone that the PML-N can produce as a leader?
I don’t think so because the party revolves around one person or one family. So it will be very difficult for the party to actually have a person who could keep the party united and go into the next elections.

What could be the evolution of the PML-N? Or is this the end of party as well?
That’s the problem with the PML-N. Nawaz Sharif has tried to transform the party and make it more populist but it still remains the party of the establishment. We have seen in the past that whenever under pressure, the party disintegrated and I think it could happen again.

Does the party have any chances in the next elections?
It’s doubtful because the entire family has been indicted and I think that’s the biggest blow.

Will the PTI or any other party be able to take advantage in the elections?
Imran will have the biggest advantage but basically politics will become much more fragmented now in Punjab because the battle ground is in Punjab. The rest of the country isn’t that much affected by the verdict. It will lead to a more fragmented house.

Zahid Hussain is an author and journalist. He tweets @hidhussain.

‘Historically, the voting public seems to be unfazed by allegations’
Salahuddin Ahmed

Who will become the next prime minister?
I really have no idea but if media reports are to be believed, Khawaja Asif or Shahid Khaqan Abbasi may have a chance.

Can the PML-N have another leader outside of the House of Nawaz?
Another prime minister maybe but not necessarily another leader.

What does it mean for the PML-N that it can’t produce another leader especially with the elections coming up?
It doesn’t really mean much because nearly all other parties are also organised around a family, on a hereditary basis.

Does the PML-N stand a chance to win the next elections?
I don’t think this will necessarily be fatal to their electoral chances. This is not over as yet. I mean, there are possibly reviews to be filed, maybe even constitutional amendments. A lot of things could happen between now and then.

So, possible redemption or way back for Nawaz Sharif? Or is his career over?
I don’t think so. Nawaz Sharif has been convicted by courts before as well, as well as the PPP leaders like Benazir and Zardari. Somehow, convictions and disqualifications don’t seem to stick in Pakistan.

Don’t you think this verdict is different from those in the past?
You see, there are a bunch of things that could be done. Let’s say tomorrow, a few other politicians also get disqualified on the same grounds. If the Supreme Court was to apply this rule even-evenhandedly then I find it hard to understand how, even Imran Khan for that matter, would escape. So if we have a bunch of disqualifications then eventually, probably the parliament would get around to removing article 62-63 altogether, and that would pave the way for a return.

Do you think Imran Khan has an improved chance now after this verdict?
I don’t know how important this verdict will be in electoral terms.

Why is that?
Because historically, the voting public seems to be relatively unfazed by allegations. Just because Imran has been successful in ousting the PM, it doesn’t mean that it would immediately improve his electoral chances with the public.

He might get an advantage, there might be a bunch of people willing to jump ship from the PML-N to the PTI, which might improve his chances. But for the general voting public, I don’t know how much effect this judgment would have.

Is another PML-N government possible?
I think we could have that. If they decide to hold elections straight away, although I don’t think they would be that bold.

Salahuddin Ahmed is a lawyer based in Karachi.

Latest Update On Rao Anwar Case In Supreme Court