Duminy makes the Pakistani fans happier with latest act

JP Duminy is back to South Africa but before that he is now one of the most respected foreign cricketer in Pakistan. The way he came to Pakistan on his own for the PSL final this year has set an example for others. Duminy, the south african cricketer who captained islamabad united inside the absence of misbah-ul-haq, noted sunday night time that most of the foreign players would like to come to pakistan once more. normally called jp duminy, the south africa t20i team’s vice-captain stated he changed into very glad after the team’s act in the final game of the pakistan incredible league’s (psl) 1/3 season. He will always do not forget this victory,” the sportsperson commented, hours in advance of his departure from karachi, adding that over the last few days, the worldwide guests were nicely-taken-care-of. duminy said he turned into “pleased with the love we obtained from the pakistani people”.

He also reiterated what maximum are saying nowadays: that this became the first step in the direction of bringing worldwide cricket back to pakistan.talking about the beautiful faceoff between islamabad united and peshawar zalmi sunday night, duminy stated it become an “unbelievable” enjoy no matter being “beneath a variety of pressure”. the boys done properly. [And everyone] performed properly inside the whole event — be it foreigners or the young pakistani boys,” he delivered. he stated despite the fact that he did not certainly anticipate to captain the united, leading the team to victory changed into “an honour” and “considered one of my memorable moments” in this trip. the truth that the crew played nicely makes me glad,” stated misbah-ul-haq, who suffered a wrist hairline fracture and, accordingly, had dropped out of the final few video games. captaining islamabad united became considered one of my memorable moments,” he said.the batting all-rounder had decided to visit pakistan — lahore and karachi — for the ultimate matches of the psl regardless of the cricket south africa (csa) refusing to present him no-objection certificate (noc), espncricinfo had said previous to the ‘eliminator’ matches.

The document had stated the south african player changed into at first denied a noc through his domestic board however decided to make a trip on his own by means of signing an indemnity form with csa.south african middle order batsman jean paul duminy has stated that many distant places players could go back to pakistan after receiving a watch establishing reception from the country. speakme to media following a tremendous victory inside the pakistan notable league (psl) final against peshawar zalmi on sunday night, duminy stated, “happy with the love we obtained from the pakistani people.” he changed into the captain of islamabad united inside the playoffs in vicinity of misbah ul haq, who suffered a hairline fracture in his wrist all through the round suits. duminy added that despite the fact that he did no longer absolutely anticipate to captain the united, leading the group to victory was ‘an honour’ and one in every of his ‘memorable moments’ on this journey. he also reiterated what the maximum are saying in recent times that this turned into the first step towards bringing global cricket again to pakistan.

پی ایس ایل میچز پاکستانیوں کیلئے خوشی کی خبر لے آئے ۔۔ دنیا کے عظیم ترین کرکٹر نے پاکستان آنے کا اعلان کر دیا ۔۔ نام جان کر عمران خان بھی خوش

پی ایس ایل میچز پاکستانیوں کیلئے خوشی کی خبر لے آئے ۔۔ دنیا کے عظیم ترین کرکٹر نے پاکستان آنے کا اعلان کر دیا ۔۔ نام جان کر عمران خان بھی خوش

کراچی (مانیٹرنگ ڈیسک)پی ایس ایل میچز کے کامیاب انعقاد کے بعد عظیم آسٹریلوی کرکٹر نے 31 برس بعد پاکستان آنے کا اعلان کیا ہے۔ تفصیلات کے مطابق آئی سی سی نے پاکستان اور ویسٹ انڈیز کے درمیان سیریز کے لیے آفیشلز کا اعلان کر دیا ہے۔ اگلے ماہ کراچی میں شیڈول پاکستان اور ویسٹ انڈیز کے درمیان سیریز کو پاکستانی امپائرز ہی سپروائز کریں گے۔ جبکہ پاکستان ویسٹ انڈیز

سیریز کے لئے آسٹریلوی بیٹسمین ڈیوڈ بون میچ ریفری ہوں گے۔ سابق آسٹریلوی بلے باز ڈیوڈ بون 1987ء کے بعد پہلی بار پاکستان کا دورہ کریں گے۔ ڈیوڈ بون کے پاکستان آنے کے باعث ملک میں بین الاقوامی کرکٹ کی واپسی کے معاملے کو بڑا بریک تھرو ملے گا۔

Wasim Akram Jesa Bowling Style-Swing Kay Sultan Ki Nannay Hassan Ko Bowling Tips.Geo Pakistan

A video of a kid bowling with a silky smooth left-arm action in a backyard has gone viral on Twitter — even the great Wasim Akram could not help but notice the kid’s raw talent.

The shalwar kameez-clad kid, who doesn’t seem older than 10 years, can be seen bowling multiple deliveries to a single stump with superb control and accuracy.

Soon after the video was uploaded on Twitter, Akram took notice of it, saying:

While some saw a bit of of Akram in the kid, others likened him to Mohammad Amir.

It remains unknown who and from where the kid is, but many on Twitter have urged people of influence to find and nurture him into an asset for Pakistan cricket.

Asif talks about his three sixes to Hasan Ali, PSL 2018 Final

They came of their lots; guys, women, kids; old and young citizens of pakistan all pushed by way of the love of the sport and the craving to watch a sport of high first-class cricket being played in karachi after nine long years. the lines to get into the enduring countrywide stadium were long, roads closures brought about inconvenience and the safety became enormously strict. but the smiles on the faces of the audiences informed a tale of its own. much like it had been in lahore a few days in advance, it was a story of a painful but an immensely fruitful wait to peer a few unique cricket being performed among first-rate groups, islamabad united and peshawar zalmi, in karachi, the ‘metropolis of lighting fixtures’.and what the jam-packed crowd at the country wide stadium noticed unfold in the front in their eyes did now not disappoint them. an islamabad united team, powered with the aid of the uncooked firepower of the tournament’s highest run-getter luke ronchi, and led in part with the aid of the collective expertise of misbah-ul-haq, rumman raees and jp duminy at unique stages of the event, duly picked up any other pakistan extremely good league (psl) identify to feature to the one from the inaugural version in 2016.

Even as the manner wherein islamabad finished off the match appeared to signify complete domination of all facets, it might be truthful to mention that the adventure to the final absolutely started out with some clever picks at some stage in the draft degree. the choice of all-rounders and kids along with shadab khan, faheem ashraf, hussain talat, amad butt, asif ali, sahibzada farhan and zafar gohar confirmed a willingness to accept as true with in youth, which changed into an crucial element of islamabad’s capability to take on the very quality of fighters inside the psl. considering the devastation triggered to islamabad’s possibilities and reputation at some stage in the 2017 edition of the psl, wherein the ugly spectre of corruption disadvantaged them of the abilities of sharjeel khan, khalid latif and the bowling electricity provided by way of mohammad irfan, their upward push to the top in psl 2018 was not anything quick of what they deserved.

And whilst it came to the choice of remote places players, andre russell, who had lately become available after serving a doping associated ban, was the best preference to guide the tough-hitting all-rounder brigade, as changed into the enjoy of seasoned campaigners samit patel and duminy. of path, the inclusion of ronchi, who probably carried the batting in the line-up all the way, was a masterstroke which the control can take complete credit score for. ronchi’s selection in the long run brought about mayhem to the bowling plans of the competition groups. while the extra charitable evaluations placed the leadership of the getting old and in reality unfit veteran misbah as an important thing for islamabad’s success, the reality became that he turned into at the helm of matters more for continuity functions in preference to any special capabilities with the bat. raees, who additionally captained the crew within the absence of misbah at some stage in the early degree of the match, himself picked up a knee harm in sharjah and was declared undeserving to hold. there was a actual hazard that the islamabad marketing campaign ought to fizzle out particularly with the likes of freshmen multan sultans looking like favourites at the earlier degrees of the event.

محمد آصف دبئی ایئر پورٹ سے گرفتار : سابق پاکستانی فاسٹ باؤلر سے متعلق انتہائی افسوسناک خبر آ گئی

لاہور (ویب ڈیسک ) سپاٹ فکسنگ کیس میں سزا یافتہ فاسٹ باﺅلر محمد آصف نے اپنی سزا تو پوری کر لی مگر ان کے ستارے اب بھی گردش میں ہیں کیونکہ نا تو وہ قومی ٹیم میں دوبارہ شامل ہو سکے اور نہ ہی کسی اور ملک میں کھیلنے کے قابل رہے ہیں کہ جہاں بھی جائیں

’پکڑے‘ جاتے ہیں۔محمد آصف گزشتہ دنوں ٹیپ بال ٹورنامنٹ کھیلنے کیلئے دبئی گئے تو امیگریشن حکام نے انہیں حراست میں لے لیا اور چند گھنٹے ’قید‘ رکھنے کے بعد ڈی پورٹ کر دیا اور یوں وہ ٹیپ بال ٹورنامنٹ بھی نا کھیل پائے۔ محمد آصف 10 سال قبل آخری مرتبہ دبئی گئے تھے تو ان کی جیب سے منشیات برآمد ہونے پر پولیس نے انہیں حراست میں لے لیا تھا۔

اس کیس کی وجہ سے انہوں نے 10 سالوں میں متحدہ عرب امارات کا سفر کرنے سے گریز کیا لیکن 10 سال بعد بھی یہ ”کارنامہ“ ان کے آڑے آ گیا اور انہیں دبئی ائیرپورٹ سے ہی واپس بھیج دیا گیا۔ ذرائع کے مطابق محمد آصف نے شارجہ میں ایک ٹیپ بال ٹورنامنٹ کھیلنے کا معاہدہ کیا تھا اور علامہ اقبال ائیرپورٹ سے دبئی روانہ ہوئے لیکن جب دبئی ایئرپورٹ پر اترے تو سکیننگ کے دوران انہیں امیگریشن حکام نے دبئی میں داخلے کی اجازت نہیں دی۔ اس دوران وہ امیگریشن حکام کی حراست میں رہے اور بعدازاں انہیں ڈی پورٹ کرکے پاکستان واپس بھیج دیا گیا۔

Pakistan Thrilling Finish vs India Win Impossible Match | Pakistan vs India |

Pakistan needed 10 off the last over and lost the ninth wicket of Saeed Ajmal off the very first ball, but last man Junaid Khan got the single to give the strike back to Shahid Afridi who provided a moment of magic with two back-to-back sixes off R Ashwin to win the game for his team and put India virtually out of the tournament.

Legspinner Amit Mishra (2 for 28) bowled superbly to keep India in the game defending a moderate 245 for 8, but Mohammad Hafeez’s 75 and Afridi’s late assault of 34* off 18 balls dashed India’s hopes of a come-from-behind win.

Here’s a blow-by-blow account of how the match swung in the last two overs when Pakistan needed 13 runs off 12 balls:

48.1 B Kumar to U Gul, Fuller in length outside off, Gul drives it through long off for a single to give strike to Afridi. 234/6

48.2 B Kumar to S Afridi, Full toss on middle, Afridi whips it through mid-wicket for a single. This is really mature batting from Afridi! 235/6

48.3 B Kumar to U Gul, OUT! Gul falls! Fuller in length on middle, Gul swings it down the ground. Rahane at long on takes a really good catch diving forward. That came off the toe end of the bat. India just about in the match, by a whisker! 235/7

48.4 B Kumar to S Afridi, Yorker on off, Afridi drills it to Kohli at covers. Good cricket all round! 235/7

Mohammad Talha is the next man in for Pakistan.

48.5 B Kumar to S Afridi, Fuller outside off, Afridi gets down to sweep but misses. The players appeal but the umpire is not interested as it was outside off. They take a leg bye. 236/7

48.6 B Kumar to M Talha, OUT! Talha falls as well! Fuller in length outside off, Talha mistimes his loft straight down the throat of Jadeja at long off who takes a calm catch. 236/8

Ashwin to bowl the final over of the innings. Ajmal is on strike.

Shahid Afridi Hit 32 Runs in 1 Over 446666 vs Sri Lankan | Must Watch |

Pakistan announced the return of international cricket to its soil, with three separate sides scheduled to visit after years of isolation over security concerns.

A World XI tour kicks off in September followed by a short visit by Sri Lanka for a Twenty20 match in October, then a Twenty20 series against the West Indies a month later.

“We are getting positive signals and the doors of international cricket are opening on Pakistan,” Najam Sethi, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman, told a press conference in Lahore.

The tours are seen as a big step towards Pakistan once again hosting major international outfits after militants targeted the Sri Lankan team bus in Lahore in 2009, killing eight people and wounding at least seven players.

Since the attacks Pakistan has only hosted a limited-over series against Zimbabwe in 2015 while Bangladesh, the West Indies, Sri Lanka and Ireland turned down offers over security fears.

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International Cricket Council hires security company to assess Pakistan
Pakistan has also been forced to play their cricket in the UAE for the past eight years including two editions of the Pakistan Super League Twenty20 (PSL).

But security has dramatically improved across Pakistan in the last two years, signalling hopes for the slow revival of international sport in the country.

In March, Pakistan successfully hosted the PSL final in Lahore with English players Dawid Malan and Chris Jordan, West Indies’ Darren Sammy and Marlon Samuels and South Africa’s Morne van Wyk and Zimbabwe’s Sean Ervine competing.

The match’s success pushed the PCB to expedite efforts to convince more teams to play in Pakistan.

“We will play a full series with Sri Lanka in the UAE after which Sri Lanka will come to Lahore for a Twenty20, so things are shaping up,” said the PCB boss. Sethi said he will announce the names of World XI players in the coming days, with the team being managed by former England coach Andy Flower.

Pakistan Amazing Victory vs India 2nd ODI 2007 Younas Khan and Shahid Afridi Excellent Batting

They must try and attack, especially when he is new at the crease. If Pakistan dismisses Kohli cheaply, it will significantly increase its chances of restricting India to a low score,” said Afridi.

The former Pakistan captain feels India also have a potent bowling attack to compliment their strong batting line-up.

“While batting is India’s traditional strength, it is also fielding a balanced bowling attack that includes some skillful bowlers led by the wily Ravichandran Ashwin.

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“The off-spinner has truly come of age and has become a pivotal part of India’s recent successes across the three formats. Ashwin has great control and bowls an impeccable line and length which troubles the best in the business.
“He gets great support from left-armer Ravindra Jadeja, who has been another vital cog in the Indian line-up in recent years. The conditions in England might not suit spinners much but both Ashwin and Jadeja have the quality and accuracy to make run-scoring difficult for batsmen.

“The spinners will be complimented by what I feel is a more than capable seam bowling line-up led by Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Mohammad Shami,” he said.
Pakistan Amazing Victory vs India 2nd ODI 2007 Younas Khan and Shahid Afridi Excellent Batting

Pakistan Vs India – Pakistan Record Chase 329 Against India in 2006

Pakistan Vs India – Pakistan Record Chase 329 Against India in 2006


Salman Butt (Punjabi/Urdu: سلمان بٹ ‬‎, Salmān Buṭṭ; born 7 October 1984) is a Pakistani cricketer, who played all forms of the game and a former Test team captain, until he was jailed in Britain for spot fixing in 2011.

Prior to his ban and prison sentence, he had been a regular Test and ODI left-handed opening batsman. He made his Test debut on 3 September 2003 in the third Test against Bangladesh, and a year later, made his ODI debut against West Indies on 22 September 2004. He was appointed captain of the Pakistan Test squad on 16 July 2010.

On 29 August 2010, he was implicated in allegations of spot-fixing. On 31 August 2010, he was stripped of the Pakistan captaincy, and removed from the ODI Squad pending criminal proceedings. He was banned from playing cricket for ten years, of which five years was a suspended sentence.[1] In November 2011, he was convicted and jailed for 30 months for conspiracy charges relating to the spot-fixing, along with Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif.[2] On June 21, 2012, he was released from jail.

In August 2015, bans on Butt and fellow conspirators Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif were lifted by the International Cricket Council, allowing them to return to all forms of cricket from September 2, 2015.[3][4]

Pakistan vs India Thrilling Match Pakistan Need 35 Runs in Last 3 Overs Shahid Afridi on Batting

Sahibzada Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi (Urdu: شاہدافریدی‬‎; Pashto: شاهد اپریدی‎; born 1980),[6] popularly known as Boom Boom, is a former Pakistani cricketer and former captain of the Pakistan national cricket team.[7] As a successful All-rounder, Afridi was respected for his consistent bowling that relies on change of pace rather than spin, but drew greater attention for his aggressive batting style.[8][9] Afridi was the world record holder for the fastest ODI century in 37 deliveries and holds the distinction of having hit the most number of sixes in the history of ODI cricket.[10]

Afridi considers himself a better bowler than batsman, and has taken 48 Test wickets and over 350 in ODIs. Currently Afridi is leading the chart of most T20I wickets with 92 wickets from 92 matches.[11] He also holds a record of taking most wickets (97) and most player-of-the match awards in Twenty20 International cricket.[12]

Afridi was the President for PSL team Peshawar Zalmi which is owned by his cousin Javed Afridi.[13]

Afridi is a philanthropist and owner of the Shahid Afridi Foundation. In 2015, Afridi was named among the top 20 most charitable athletes in the world by Do Something.[14]

On 19 February 2017, Afridi announced his retirement from international cricket.

Pakistan vs India Thrilling Match Pakistan Need 35 Runs in Last 3 Overs Shahid Afridi on Batting